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Kubik Edge 4GB MP3 player

Manufacturer: Kubik Edge
Product: 8GB 2.8 MP3 Player


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8GB 2.8 MP3 Player

New on the market is the Kubik Edge Touch Screen MP3 & Video Player With A Built-in Camera also YouTube Player. This MP3 player has been an excellent top seller via this website with 20 Pre set radio stations that you can listen to all your local radio stations on the move. Its amazing 2.8 Mega Pixel Camera can snap photos also videos and when you are finished you can upload it to YouTube without even converting them. “How great is That!!!”. It has two memorey sizes the Kubik Edge 4GB or Kubik Edg 8GB of memory (expandable). Was priced at £79.99 and you can now get it delivered FREE


This is a great excellent MP3 player to listen to all your favorite music plus much more and most people have chosen this great MP3 player because of its small size and the great affordable price under £50.00 excellent for gifts around this time of year . With no moving parts you will not have to worry about where to find any buttons to press. Another great feature is its expandability to 4GB of ram (recommend) which is a another great buy. 5 Stars

Today`s Buying Tips

Looking for more bass in your music without attempting to put the volume on MAX? make sure purchase the 5 star new Creative Labs EP-630/A Earphones (Click Here) with the Kubik Edge MP3 player as they will turn your ears into a pumping night club.

**A must have to protect your MP3 ** Player from unexpected drops and scratches.
As the device ships with a felt case which we thought was not very good all, Kubik Edge has also made a sexy Genuine Leather Case for both models that can also be purchased here Kubik Edge Genuine Leather Case to protect your devices life span.


Great player & Great Service!

I wanted a player that could do it all and was intrigued by the You Tube capability. For this price I thought why not give it a go. My first impressions were good, the item comes well wrapped in a cool looking package. It came with a mains charger and USB lead, warranty card, CD manual. The manual however is not very detailed and I was left a bit confused about how to use all the features, particularly how to get You Tube vides on there and other normal vides. I fired off some emails to Kubik Edge and to my amazement I got a reply within 10 min’s! All was explained to me and I got my favourite You Tube video on there in about 5 min’s. This has to be the best feature on this player (from a You Tube addict!) Kubik Edge told me they are putting together a proper user manual that will be on there website for download very soon….cant wait!

Fantastic Media Player!!!

I looked at lots of media players but always had the problem of getting the features I wanted with plenty of memory for a price I could afford. This player fitted the bill perfectly. I’ve loaded films… easy to do just use the disc that comes with it to convert into right format…the picture quality is amazing. I’ve watched a film and the streaming was perfect…no stuttering or freezing. The sound quality is also excellent. The speaker isn’t very loud, even at full volume, but then it is a personal player and with the earphones the volume is perfect. It has a camera and video recording facility which is great and also a radio and games. I bought this for my mother who uses a lot of public transport and needed something to pass the time. She’s getting on (sorry mum!)and isn’t the most technical minded but this is perfect as it has a large screen and is very easy to use. I am very impressed with this product and the price and I know my mother is going to love it.

After getting this player home, i was surprised at the stuff that this gizmo has inbuilt. The camera is great and so too the video function.
The Manual is now able to be downloaded (via a PDF file) online at Kubik Edge and there is a download page which allows you to get all the free conversion software such as AVI conversion allowing you to put your videos onto the player.

Great little player

The player also boasts an upgradable memory via a mini SD card. which seems a great way of expanding your memory capacity. As yet I have not tried out all of the functions but I am very impressed by the quality of what I have tried. This is a great product.

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